Q: What is Matcherino?

Go to our about page to learn more about us!

Q: Why did you make a platform combining crowdfunding, ticketing, and ecommerce for esports?

We love the scene and we love video games, but we’ve always felt that we could add to the interactive nature of Twitch and other streaming platforms. We allow viewers to better engage their favorite streamers and provide a platform that allows fans like us to not just feed the scene but also create it around them.

Q: How do I donate?

Go into the lobby of your choosing, sign in using the button at the top right, and then click “donate” over on the left!

Q: How do I create a tournament?

To create a tournament, log in, click on the “Create Event” button on the front page, and then click the “Create” button under the Tournament side of the page. Click over to the “admin” tab and fill in all the info you need.  Don’t worry, it won’t take long: our tournament feature is highly customizable and intuitive. Tell your friends, family, and pets and you’ll be able accrue the funds you need to incentivize players, casters, and orgs to participate in the tournament.

Q: Tournaments are cool, but I was thinking about organizing an eSports convention with multiple tournaments.  Can you help?

Why, yes!  Yes we can!  You can check out our venue system.

Q: How do I create a venue?

Wood, steel, plaster, financial backin– wait, never mind.  To create a venue, log in, click on the “Tournament” button on the front page, and then click the “Create” button under the Venue side of the page.  Click over to the “admin” tab to input general info, create passes, add staff, and other cool functions!

Q: Any other noteworthy tools?

Besides the customizability of our tournament lobby and venue systems, we also allow admins to create “rewards,” “stretch goals” and “stretch rewards” that allow you to give your viewers and players cool stuff while boosting the prize pool at the same time.

Q: What’s a reward?

A reward is another one of our tools to diversify crowdfunding.  You can buy a reward that’s been affixed to a particular tournament, and the proceeds go partially to the tournament prize pool and partially to the reward creator.

Q: How do I create a reward?

Once you’ve logged in, click “Rewards” and then select “Create Reward.”  You’ll give it a name and description, specify the cut you take of each reward when it’s purchased, plus the payment method (dollars or points), and you can even put in a quantity limit.

Q: What’s a stretch goal?

Crowdfunders can access stretch goals by donating to the prize pool.  If the prize pool reaches a certain amount by a certain date, as specified by the Organizer, the stretch goal is activated.  Organizers can stack stretch goals to incentivize donation; $reaching 1,500 might unlock one thing, but getting even farther up to $2,000 gets something else.  However, if the prize pool doesn’t reach the amount needed to unlock the goal in time, all that money gets redistributed to the donors.

Q: How do I create a stretch goal?

You can create a stretch goal within the lobby of your tournament as long as you’re an admin. Click on the “Admin” tab, select “Crowdfunding” from the menu on the left, and select “Click to add stretch goals.”  Fill in the form with info about your stretch goal (what it is, how much money needs to be raised to access it, etc.), and then click “Add.”  Your viewers can now see the rewards – and an accompanying image, if you specified one – in the “Crowdfunding” section of your tournament lobby.

Q: What’s a stretch reward?

Stretch rewards are similar to stretch goals, but the proceeds don’t go toward the prize pool.  For example, a player could create a stretch reward for a particular tournament that pays for his or her travel expenses, and if the amount is reached, the player takes part in the event.

Q: How do I create a stretch reward?


Q: What happens if I donate to a stretch goal, but it isn’t reached?

Unfortunately, that means that the goal wasn’t unlocked. Stretch goals are meant for going above and beyond and sometimes that doesn’t happen. The players appreciate all that you’ve given! It helps keep tournaments going and feeds the scene.  And don’t worry: your money will be entirely reimbursed.

Q: What happens if I donate to a stretch reward, but it isn’t reached?

Same thing.  And you get reimbursed.

Q: How do I cash out once I’ve won?

Sign in with your Twitch account, click on your avatar in the top right corner, and click “Account.”  Once in your user panel, you can click “cash out” and send the money directly to PayPal.

Q: Do you take a cut?

We take a small cut: 4% of the prize pool.

Q: Cool! Do you use other payment processors?

Currently, we only support PayPal.

Q: Organizing games with my viewers is impossible. Help!

Help is on the way! In your tournament admin tab – accessible by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner and selecting the “Tournaments” tab – you can add friends and viewers to the event by clicking on “Player Pool” and entering their Twitch usernames.  After all, you’ll have to decide who’s lucky enough to fight by your side.

Q: Matcherino’s on a roll! Any cool features in the pipeline?

A lot! Be sure to check back in regularly. New features are rolled out as fast as our wonderful developers are able to perfect them.



Q: So, I created a tournament.  Do you guys do ticketing.

We’ve got you covered.  We just added ticketing to our venue organization services to help you organize events, big or small.

Q: Can I customize the tickets?

Absolutely.  You can specify the cost of the ticket, whether or not site users can participate in a rev share, the applicable tax rate governing your ticket sales, the total amount of tickets you want to make available, and the check-in period for the event.

Q: Do you offer multiple types of tickets?

With our ticketing platform, you can create and sell both player passes and spectator passes.

Q: How do I access my ticket?

We’ll send you a code, which you’ll then present to the venue staff when you arrive.



Q: What is the Sponsor Store?

The Sponsor Store is a hub where users can sell their products or rewards through Matcherino. What sets it apart is the revenue share feature that allows the Sponsor to share the reward’s sales between the tournament it’s used in, the Sponsor, and others involved in the reward. Setting up rewards is easy and what you can setup is flexible and unique to each Sponsor!

Q: I sell something awesome through Company X. Can I include it in the Sponsor Store?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to integrate as best as possible!

Q: Where can I get sponsor items shipped to?

While this is ultimately up to the Sponsor, most physical rewards can be shipped in the US and internationally.

Q: What payment methods are used for the Sponsor Store?

Currently, Matcherino only uses PayPal.

Q: What if I don’t get my product that I purchased or I need a refund?

Contact the Sponsor directly and they will work with you to get your product! Contact us know if there are any issues or questions and we are happy to help!

Q: What’s the difference between donating directly to Matcherino vs purchasing a Sponsor product?

Purchasing a Sponsor product splits the donation between the sponsor and the tournament. Product is an agreement between the buyer and the creator of the reward. Matcherino isn’t creating or sending the products being sold by the Sponsor/creator.



Q: If I contribute to the Matcherino prize pool, do I work for Matcherino?

Sadly, you do not.  Crowdfunders are donors.  They are neither employees of Matcherino nor of the organizer.  We still think you are awesome, though!

Q: If I organize a tournament on Matcherino, what is my relationship to the site?

Organizers employ participants as independent contractors, using Matcherino’s crowdfunding platform to raise or increase compensation for the services rendered (participation in the tournament).

Q: If I participate in a tournament on Matcherino, what is my relationship to the site?

Participants are employed by organizers as independent contractors.

Q: I want to add something to the Sponsor Store.  Does Matcherino control that item?

Matcherino is not a distributor or seller of crowdfunded goods and services.  Those are handled by sponsors.

Q: Wait a second, since I’m a tournament participant and therefore an independent contractor, do I need to ask PayPal for a 1099 form?

Nope!  PayPal handles that behind the scenes for you.