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Powering the Esports
Business Model
Matcherino advertising solutions reaches gamers across the most popular gaming titles and tournaments, increasing your brand’s reach in the esports market.

Brand Awareness


Customer Engagement

Measurable ROI

Matcherino’s powerful tools are the best solution to manage player payouts and to greatly increase your prize pool size.

Compliantly pay players immediately after an event

Sell skins to grow your prize pool

Let brands engage with your fans to grow the prize pool

Sell tickets to venues and allocate proceeds as you see fit

The Matcherino payout system ensures the prize pool is held transparently and is easily distributed out if you’re a winner via check or PayPal.

We’re here to make sure you’re paid quickly and compliantly!
Building a successful game is no easy task. Growing a sustainable esports ecosystem on top of that game is a large undertaking, and we’re here to help!   Our goal is for the players and organizers in your community to be able to turn their passion into a career — let Matcherino help!
Easily and transparently support your favorite tournaments to make sure players and organizers can keep doing what they love!

You can help make sure the prize pool grows by donating directly, buying merch or completing sponsor quests!

As seen in

Matcherino empowers the Fighting Game Community by helping it increase the prize pool. It’s very American – smart, edgy, and effective.

Daigo "The Beast" Umehara

Street Fighter Legend

The increase in prize money helps fuel the competition which supports the players and community! It’s an amazing platform!

Byun, 2016 ESPN Esports Player of the Year

Matcherino is steadily empowering modern FGC tournaments with additional revenue streams, peddling fresh ideas and unique deliverables to stream monsters with an insatiable appetite for hype entertainment on Twitch.

Zhi, Twitch, FGC Partnerships

There is a complete lack of tools for esports. Matcherino offers it all with crowd funding, ticketing, and merchandise sales.

Ben Fox, Co-owner Gameacon


Teams, Publishers, and Sponsors we work with

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