Prize Pool Management platform for eSports


  • Easy to use registration and check-in tools for players and fans
  • Sell tickets through other related tournaments
  • Social media sharing
  • Email and other chat functionality
  • Support for bracket integration
  • Analytics and metrics dashboard
  • Custom merch, badge and lanyard support


  • Allow fans to donate directly to the prize pool
  • Create custom rewards that can be bought by the community
  • Stretch goals and top donor list
  • Streaming overlays for fans and sponsors
  • Verified tournaments have access to premium sponsors’ products and DLC from game publishers

Transparent Payouts

  • Pay dozens or hundreds of people instantly and transparently
  • Matcherino charges 4% + (processor fees + 1$ per ticket)
  • 1099 and applicable tax automation through payment processors
  • Special rates for charitable causes
  • Future plans for cryptocurrency

As seen in

Matcherino empowers the FGC by helping it increase the prize pool. It’s very American – smart, edgy, and effective.

Daigo "The Beast" Umehara

Street Fighter Legend

The increase in prize money helps fuel the competition which supports the players and community! It’s an amazing platform!

Byun, 2016 ESPN Esports Player of the Year

Matcherino is steadily empowering modern FGC tournaments with additional revenue streams, peddling fresh ideas and unique deliverables to stream monsters with an insatiable appetite for hype entertainment on Twitch.

Zhi, Twitch, FGC Partnerships

There is a complete lack of tools for esports. Matcherino offers it all with crowd funding, ticketing, and merchandise sales.

Ben Fox, Co-owner Gameacon


Teams, Publishers, and Sponsors we work with

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