How it works

Learn how Matcherino works

Follow these three simple steps to get started with Matcherino!
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Benefits of using Matcherino


Players can join the player pool by clicking the join button or the tournament admin can manually add players by simply entering in their Twitch username.


Donating on Matcherino allows fans to contribute directly to the cash prize pool for the players. Players can immediately cash out to PayPal after an event finishes.


Proceeds for buying a reward go towards the prize pool. These rewards are a great way to promote a product directly to a tournament or eSport audience.

Loyalty Points

For Twitch streamers, you can give fans loyalty points to be used on custom rewards you create — just activate the Matcherino bot in your settings and fans can start getting your points!


Matcherino testimonials from users

Matcherino empowers the FGC by helping it increase the prize pool. It’s very American – smart, edgy, and effective.

Daigo "The Beast" Umehara

Street Fighter Legend

The increase in prize money helps fuel the competition which supports the players and community! It’s an amazing platform!


2016 ESPN Esports Player of the Year

Matcherino is steadily empowering modern FGC tournaments with additional revenue streams, peddling fresh ideas and unique deliverables to stream monsters with an insatiable appetite for hype entertainment on Twitch.


Twitch, FGC Partnerships

Matcherino is a company I know well. Crowdfunding is something that every eSport and every tournament wishes they could have from small to large.


Pro Player and Commentator