The Esports Demographic

Today’s esport demographic is highly sought after by marketers and brands. The average esport enthusiast spends around 8 hours a week online playing and watching games. They are mostly male with higher than average income and education levels. While resistant to traditional advertising, esport fans are extremely passionate about supporting their gaming communities.

“Esports is what every traditional sports league is desperate to become: young global, and increasingly diverse.” ESPN


Average viewing

hours per week


Viewer age



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How Matcherino Connects You To Fans

In the past, brands were limited to buying banner ads on esports tournaments to reach a gaming audience. Matcherino enables sponsors to achieve greater engagement by making a micro-donation to a tournament each time a fan interacts with your brand.

Typical interactions might include:

  • App and game installs
  • New Twitter followers & retweets
  • Website Visits and page viewers
  • Twitch and Youtube channel subscriptions
  • Mailing list sign ups and form completions
  • E-commerce purchases

Matcherino enables brands to reach fans of the hottest games across hundreds of tournaments each month

Brands can reach viewers by


Geographic Location

Specific Tournaments

Whether you want to reach events large or small, viewers of Fortnite or League of Legends, or people in North America or Europe, Matcherino can give your brand access to the tournaments of your choice.

It’s all measurable

Matcherino provides extensive tools for you to track your sponsorship campaign, including information like how many engagements occur, where the engagements are coming from, and from which events they occur.

With Matcherino you can tell at any moment how your campaigns are performing as well as pause or reinvest in successful initiatives.

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