Managing Your Finances and Payouts Is Tough, We Make It Easy.

Matcherino’s platform is the industry standard for holding prize pools and player payouts. Over 3600 tournaments have been run utilizing the Matcherino platform and the system has distributed over $1.6M in prize pools.


Core services

Drive fan donations

Secure escrow services

Tax compliant user pay outs



Financial transparency

PCI compliant

Sales tax

1099 tax compliance

Escrow security

“Money Transmitter” compliance under US regulations

Bigger Prize Pools Ensure You’ll Get Larger Audiences

Timely and transparent payouts are not enough to have a successful event. For that, you need a healthy prize pool. Matcherino provides all the crowdfunding capabilities so you can grow your event’s prize pool.


Large prize pools attract famed participants, increasing your audience as well as sponsorship interest in your event.


More sponsors means more funds to pay yourself and your players.

Make Your Sponsors Happy

Sponsors want to reach the esports demographic but are often frustrated by an inability to measure their success. Brand awareness through logo placement is a great start, however sponsors want more. They are willing to compensate your event for encouraging its audience to perform tangible actions to promote their brand. Matcherino facilitates this through a cost-per-action model.

  Only the Matcherino platform lets brands make a micro-donation to the prize pool when a fan completes a sponsor defined action, including:

App and game installs

New Twitter followers & retweets

Website Visits and page viewers

Twitch and Youtube channel subscriptions

Mailing list sign ups and form signs

E-commerce purchases

Publishers Can Be Your Best Allies

Publishers know that esports fans are some of their best customers.

  According to Wargaming, World of Tanks esports players play the game for 3x longer and spend, on average, 3.5x more. Publishers want their esports communities as big as possible, and in many cases are willing to support you the tournament organizer.   For example, Matcherino has sold publisher-made skins to increase prize pools for events like Nation Wars V in conjunction with O’Gaming and Blizzard.   You as the tournament organizer can determine what percentage of a skin purchase goes to the prize pool

Ticketing built for esports

Matcherino’s esports ticketing platform delivers:

Customized allocation of event proceeds to venue, prize pools and TOs


Ability to advertise and promote event tickets on other Matcherino tournaments

Integrated registration for both players & teams


Integrated with Matcherino tournament specific ecommerce

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Success Cases


Matcherino prize pool distribution and services have been used on some of the biggest events in the esports world. In April 2018, Matcherino managed the prize pool for Ninja’s Fortnite event in Las Vegas which had 650k concurrent viewers, breaking the Twitch record.

3M Visits

660k concurrent viewers

* biggest twitch event in history *

Matcherino handled ticket sales and prize pool management for the Ninja Vegas 18 event
$37,646in sales
$10.11Age purchase 12.5%conversion 3,722item sold
Blizzard issued unique in-game items for “Nation Wars V”, a StarCraft 2 event exclusively on Matcherino

Matcherino was the first third-party platform to ever support the prize pool with skin sales from Blizzard. Using Matcherino the Nation Wars V event sold almost $50k in virtual items, significantly growing the event’s prize pool.







Even small increases in prize pools can lead to a huge increase in viewership. Rewind II (a Team Fortress 2 event) saw a 8x increase in viewership when skins were sold (donated by Valve) from the first event.

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